Food Politics

Food is political.
And even if you don't care about politics, or understand them, or care to understand them, they are happening inside your mouth every day.

The world is what you eat.
And when you buzz with The Dickes Bee, you're supporting lots of Green Party goodness. You are supporting the political interests of sustainable agriculture, fair trade, food justice, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and many other optimistic, leftist, hippie beliefs.

The Dickes Bee Food Cooperative will be supporting local efforts to raise awareness on food justice, for eaters and producers.

One group we like so far that we'd like to get involved with is the local chapter of foodwatch. Also check these folks out:

And keep up with political news and activism: taz Bewegung.
Check out their article about Dickes Bee.

If you're interested in food politics and would like to educate The Dickes Bee on local, regional, national and well, EU goings-ons... please contact us and let us know!

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