Animal Rights

The Dickes Bee Food Cooperative sources vegetarian products, with an animal-rights approach.

This means, we carry no meat or fish. And our direct animal products (milk, cheese, joghurt, quark and eggs) are sourced from carefully selected farms.

Here's the Dickes Bee spin on our vegetarian policies:

  • We support vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, but this does not exlude you if are not vegan or vegetarian.
  • We honor people's continuous attempts to balance their ethical viewpoints with the realities of their behaviors, and therefore do our best to select animals who are well-treated when it comes to sourcing animal products.

Why no meat, or fish?
The Dickes Bee does not want to support the exploitation of animals for direct consumption based on reasons involving compassion, neurology, sociology, poverty, natural resource destruction, climate change and personal accountability.

The Dickes Bee recognizes that by buying any direct animal products, there is death involved. We balance the decision to include vegetarian lifestyles in our cooperative by being very critical about the farms we select for our dairy and egg products.

Sooo, then why dairy and eggs at all?
The Dickes Bee is helping to bridge the ethical beliefs with the behavioral practices of people who:

  • may be interested in deepening their committment to animal rights,
  • may be trying hard to balance a busy, urban life with their ethics and choices,
  • and who may be on their way to veganism or vegetarianism.

Besides, having some direct animal products reminds us to be thankful for animals in our food system!...and keeps the debate of animal-ethics alive.

Some groups informing the creation of our Animal Rights Product Policy:

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