Available products

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits from local, organic farms (provided through Regiotopia)
  • Bananas through Fairtrade, Mangos from Senegal
  • Grains, Pastas and Flours that are regionally grown and processed (provided through Regiotopia)
  • Berlin Honey
  • Berlin Mushrooms
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Other products in bulk, like dishwashing detergent

Coming soon:

  • pepper & salt supplied through a Berlin NGO
  • oils cold-pressed in Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • coffee from Mexico

Please see our Producers page for a list of farmers and producers!

How are products sourced?
The Dickes Bee researches each product carefully. We do not support just one certification scheme, nor do we exclude a producer because he has chosen not to be certified. We weigh ethical aspects, and then make a decision.

Here are some questions that affect our purchasing:

  • Can we get the product in bulk?
  • Can we get it locally, regionally or nationally?
    If we can't - is the product certified - or, do we personally know the producers?
  • Is the product organic? Is it fairtrade? Is it UTZ or Rainforest certified?
    If not, is the producer supporting fairness in social, environmental and financial conditions?

The Dickes Bee does thorough product research and aims to help ourselves live a more sustainable, more intentional life. We do all this while also trying to balance the needs of a vegan and vegetarian diet.

We also try to provide food in its most basic form. We do not sell items that could easily be made by you at home. We stimulate you having fun with food!

If you're interested in products we do not yet offer, propose your idea to the group, help find a source, and let's try it!