Become a Member

The Dickes Bee food coop existed from 2011 until 2016. The project is now inactive. It is not possible to join anymore.
The information below is kept for historical reference only.

How can I become a member?
Everyone is welcome to join, and it's easy:

  1. Be sure you agree to the "working membership" principle (see below)
  2. Send an short email to or call ... to check when the next social gathering / pickup is: sometimes we skip a week especially during holidays. We are not vetting or selecting new members, everyone is welcome to join!
  3. Visit us on a Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm at Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin-Wedding. Any questions you have will be answered, and you will meet members and our food. You will receive details on the food ordering, and can try it out one week.
  4. A week later, you pick up your food. You can then fill out a short form, for our administration.
  5. You are now a "Bee"!

We have working membership
For us, it's about cooperative spirit. Whether sorting the weekly order, visiting a farmer, updating our Facebook profile, finding a new product, weeding at a partner community garden, organizing a music night, or distributing fliers: your contribution benefits all of us. For that reason:

  • Dickes Bee only has active people: "working members". You are expected to work a minimum of 3 hours a month. We differ in that sense from buying clubs primarily aimed at combined purchasing.
  • Working is a very general thing: every idea you can imagine to improve the coop is welcome. There are already several work teams focusing on a particular aspects. For example: food receiving and selling; researching products; contacting farmers; marketing materials and efforts; recipes; translation; an art installation; website contributions; administration of orders.
  • It's only fair that your efforts for our partners (e.g. working in a community garden that is a supplier) also count as Dickes Bee working hours
  • This way we can keep prices low, and don't have to charge membership fees.
  • It's all about a cooperative spirit to form a real community!