Food Ordering System

Here's a guide to our food ordering system.

  1. Click the "FoodSoft login" link on the right side of this website
  2. Login with the username and password you should have received by email (if not, contact
  3. Under "Open orders:" click "Markthalle Neun"
  4. On the product page: use the "+" and "-" buttons to do the shopping :)
  5. Then press the "save" button
  6. You will return to the main page. As a confirmation a list of your ordered items will appear

That's basically it!

A few more things:

  • You can change your order until the deadline (usually Sunday 10pm).
  • You can ignore the statements in Foodsoft about "Nicht abgerechnete Bestellungen". You have to pay at pickup on Wednesday, and we don't record that in Foodsoft.
  • In case of questions or problems, or if you are not sure if your order was received correctly, please contact Willem/Kap at

Happy ordering!