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Quick Facts
Warning: this chocolate is not for the light-hearted! It is not to be shoveled into the mouth
unconsciously. Each small bite is sustenance. And joy. Food of the gods.

Labels: Raw, Vegan, Organic (certified)

Ingredient origins:

  • cacao beans: SKS Farms in Ecuador
  • palm sugar: Gulayaualm, Indonesia
  • maca: Intiraysima, Peru
  • mango: Burkina Fasso
  • almond: Spain

Produced: Heliodoron in Veldegem, Belgium

Eaten: Berlin

The Dickes Bee offers the following options:

  • Taler (round disc)
    • 90%, bitter
    • 90%, bitter with nutmilk and maca
    • 90%, bitter with mango
    • cacao nibs (weighed in bulk to your liking!)

The cacao beans are purchased from SKS Farms in Ecuador. SKS has "the aim of growing,
processing and selling organic agricultural products as well as collected wild products." Working
with small cooperatives, they offer training in agricultural and processing techniques.

Read more about the production of the chocolate, using the ancient Mayan way, on the Heliodoron

The Leet mate is wild harvested, processed and transported by the Meta Mate Bar.

...which has been involved for years in this special work with mate - that includes not only agricultural
research, but offers a system whereby each purchase of the mate literally goes back into protecting
the forest where it comes from. See more information Leet mate.

The Dickes Bee Connection
Geert, from Heliodoron, has very patiently answered all of Dickes
Bee's questions. The Dickes Bee is welcome out to Belgium anytime! Ecuador, too.