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Quick Facts
For tough mornings, drink the "tough beans"! This bean quality level is the highest for Arabica
beans. Beans start their journey 1200 meter above sea level, the perfect climate for a bean life!
Then they are transported to Hamburg, where they're roasted by Quijote, then sold
by FairBindung in Berlin, and well, eaten by you! Available in bean, or ground.

Labels: Organic, Fair Trade

Ingredient origins:

  • coffee beans: Atitlán, in the West of Guatemala

Roasted by: Quijote (Hamburg, Germany)

Eaten: Berlin

The Dickes Bee offers the following options:

  • Cafe - perfect for filter or French press:
    • Cafe, beans, 500 grams
    • Cafe, ground, 500 grams
  • Espresso - single blend:
    • Espresso, beans, 500 grams
    • Espresso, ground, 500 grams
    • Espresso, bean, 250 grams
    • Espresso, ground, 250 grams

Coming soon...

The Dickes Bee Connection
The Dickes Bee connected to FairBindung in June 2011 after FairBindung read about The Bee.
With very similar food ethics, politics and tastebuds, we are on our way to a harmony of buzzing.

(maybe we combine it with our dairy link and make our very own coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz ice cream?!)