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Thanks to EXBERLINER magazine for featuring an interview with Dickes Bee's founder Kap. The whole December issue is about food, and Kap and the Bee are mentioned in the article "The guilty vegetarian" on page 10-11.

Dear EXBERLINER reader: please browse the pages on this site to get to know more about the background and organization of Dickes Bee. We are also on Facebook. If you like our undertaking, please join the hive by contacting info@dickesbee.org. Thanks!

Netzwerk grant

Thanks for a 850 euro grant by Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V. we have a budget for items like a refridgerator and shelves. We plan to go shopping before Christmas. Thanks Netzwerk!


Capricious capras: introducing our new fromage de chevres!

Hey capra, we're smiling, too! Thanks for your milk!

...butternuts are tipping scales, Berliners are sipping schon the gluewein, and goats are sprinting past barren fields - on their way to milking time...
...after a visit to Gut Ogrosen, we're now offering 7 goat milk products, from joghurt to camembert. All made with microlab rennet...
...more information soon on the farm and the Dickes Bee animal policy

In the meanwhile, peep peep peep, bon appetit!

Presenting the Stadtgarten Überraschungsmix of July 8, 2011

Wondering what you have received in your weekly Überraschungsmix?
In the video below Katharina from Stadtgarten presents the contents, and tells you how to use it in your dishes!

JW Player goes here

Thanks to Jennifer for the video editing!

You, my friends, are full of beans!

Arriba meet Arabica.
Raw meet roasted.
Ecuador meet Guatemala.
Cacao meet coffee.

Dickes Bees...
meet your newest temptations:

Raw, vegan chocolate by Heliodoron - see Chocolate

Roasted, vegan coffee by FairBindung - see Coffee

More information coming soon. And get ready for some long-distance Ausflugs, oder?

...thx to Fabricio & Krithika for the cocoa link, and to Henning for suggesting the coffee!

Wilkommen taz Leserinnen und Leser!

Dienstag 7. Juni gab es einen Artikel über Dickes Bee vom Ralf Hutter in der taz.

Herzlich Wilkommen, bitte schauen Sie herum, lesen Sie über unsere Producers and Supporters & Partners. Wir haben auch eine Facebook Gruppe, oder Sie wollen vielleicht schon Mitglied werden!

Hello taz readers!

On Tuesday, June 7, there was an article about Dickes Bee by Ralf Hutter in taz.

Please explore our site, including our Producers and Supporters & Partners. Then join the Facebook group to stay updated, and become a member!

oh Honey, i'm so glad you're here!

We have honey! Our local Imker (beekeeper) persuaded the bees to surrender their comb, and we now have the option of fresh honey in quantities of either 125 or 500 gram jars. Lecker!


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